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Real Certifications

Our products have been 3rd Party Certified by leading global food organizations including USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project and/or Vegan Action. These certifications require rigorous review of the sourcing and processing of our ingredients and facilities to ensure claims are verified.

Self Certifications

Self Made Certifications

Many supplement brands make claims that are not vetted or reviewed by any independent 3rd parties. So how do you know what your really buying?! Be sure you are getting quality product by looking for recognizable seals of reputable food organizations.


Natural Sweeteners, Flavors & Colors

We only use Vegan Certified, Non-GMO compliant natural flavors to ensure the natural sources of our flavors or the processes used to produce our natural flavor contains no GMOs or animal by-products. Our sweeteners include either non-GMO compliant Monk Fruit or Stevia processed usingon natural ingredients.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors & Colors

Artificial flavors, sweeteners or sugar alcohols like Sucralose, Aspartame, Erythritol or Xylitol have been found to cause stomach pain, gas, constipation and headaches. This is why we vow to never use this ingredients along with others that have proven negative side effects. See our list of prohibited ingredients.

Naturally Sourced

Natural Ingredients & Full Tranparency

Each of our ingredients are effectively dosed and naturally sourced. That means no synthetic ingredients or mysterious “Proprietary / Trademark” ingredients. We have nothing to hide and disclose the source, country of origin and inclusion of each ingredient we use. Meet our ingredients!

Proprietarty Blends

“Proprietary Blends” & Fillers

Many brands us “Proprietarty Blends / Trademarked” ingredients to hide the true ingredients being used in their products and the dose of each ingredient. This can include fillers, artificial ingredints and undesired ingredients they don’t want you to know about.

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Meet Our Ingredients.

We let you in on the source, quantity, country of origin, purpose, and key characteristics of our ingredients. In an industry where brands give little information regarding ingredients or hide behind proprietary trademarks, we decided to go in a different direction and be ‘abnormally transparency’.

Our products consist of only naturally sourced ingredients. Nothing synthetic here. That includes functional ingredients, sweeteners, flavors and colors.

Our Ingredient No-Go List.

See the ingredients we vow to NEVER use and why we have added them to our No-Go list.

About: Usually a combination of chemicals, typically from refined and inedible sources such as paper, pulp, or petroleum. A cheaper option compared to natural flavors.

Typically Found In: Protein Powders, BCAA, Pre-Workouts, Sports Drinks, and much much more.

Concern: Can cause adverse reactions like nausea, chest pain, headaches.
About: Chemically made synthetic sugar substitutes that are attractive to use since they add sweetness without adding calories to the product.

Typically Found In: Protein Powders, BCAA, Pre-Workouts, Sports Drinks, Baked goods, Soft Drinks, Candy, Jams, and more.

Concern: Research on sideffects of artificial sweeteners is has been wide ranging and alledgedly tied to causing attention deficit disorder, headaches, heart palpatation, cancer, seizures, swelling, and more.
About: Typically sourced from human hair, duck feathers and animal skin/hair.

Typically Found In: BCAA Supplements, Protein Powders and Ready-to-Drink Beverages.

Concern: Sources viewed as a by-product and not cruelty-free.
About: Sourced from soybeans usually using a chemical called hexane as an emulsifier in powders.

Typically Found In: Protein and many other powder based products susceptible to clumping when mixed with water.

Concern: Contains phytoestrogens that increase estrogen in the body.
About: A preservative, emulsifier, and thickening agent.

Typically Found In: Ready-to-Drink Dairy based Beverages, Ice Cream, Yogurt, and other processed foods.

Concern: Inflammatory effects on the stomach that can lead to bloating, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome and more.
About: Usually a combination of chemicals, typically from coal, tar or petroleum. A cheaper option compared to natural colors.

Typically Found In: Protein Powders, BCAA, Pre-Workouts, Sports Drinks, and much much more.

Concern: Many contain ‘benzidine’ and other carcinogens that are toxic.
About: Naturally occurring from plant products like fruits and vegetables. Referred to as a FODMAP, sugar alchols are commonly used because it's a sweetening ingredient that doesn’t register as sugar on an nutritional facts panel.

Typically Found In: Protein Powders, BCAA, Pre-Workouts, Sports Drinks, Baked Goods, Soft Drinks, Candy, Jams, Gum and more.

Concern: Fermentation in the gut can cause bloating, diarrhea and stomach pain, constipation, and gas.
About: Protein sources that have had their genetics modified through processes like selective breeding, or ingestion of GMO-based crops.

Typically Found In: Plant-based Proteins like Pea, Hemp, Rice, and Animal Derived Protein like Whey Protein and Milk Protein.

Concern: GMOs genetic mutations can have unintended consequences.
About: Sourced from oil palm trees.

Typically Found In: Protein Bars, Chocolate, Packaged bread, Cookies, Ice Cream, and more.

Concern: Very high in saturated fat and accounts for a significant portion of unsustainable deforestation and disposition of wildlife over the past 3 decades.

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