Our mission:
to make health + wellness more accessible to all.

We’re putting the less-than-honest
nutrition industry on notice.

Tattle is about doing what’s right – even if it's the unpopular or difficult thing to do. We’re here to bring honesty to a nutrition industry that has been lacking it for a long time. We couldn’t stand by as so-called natural brands put barriers on health + wellness by using artificial ingredients, making misleading or false claims, adding ingredient fillers, hiding behind ‘proprietary’ blends, and promoting dishonest celebrity / athlete endorsements (to name a few). We had to do something to break these barriers to health + wellness. So we did, and we called it ‘tattle’. Through our commitment to our values - Abnormal Transparency, Make an Impact, Be Real, and Deliver Value, and our certifications, the BS natural brands out there will be exposed.

Learn more about our values and certifications below.

Abnormally Transparent.

You deserve to know exactly what’s in the products you consume - no questions asked.

A nutritional facts panel will tell you the ingredients in a product, but not how much or the quality. This leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth.

We decided to shake it up, go above and beyond what regulatory bodies require, and follow our moral compass without excuses. For every ingredient, we give you the scoop on the source, quantity, country of origin, purpose, and key characteristics.

Our transparency is our badge of honour. It’s how we hold ourselves accountable to you!

Make an Impact.

A large part of breaking barriers to health and wellness is ensuring we increase accessibility to the basics: water, food, and mental health.

That’s why for every product purchased (except single serve packets) you choose which impact you’d like to have, and we facilitate it with our giving partner charities!

When you choose health, you give wellness 😀

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Be Real. Be Human.

Most nutrition brands tend to promote the idea of being ‘superhuman’ or ‘supernatural’. Personally, we prefer being natural, super-good humans instead. We tell you like it is.

Health and wellness aren’t just for the avid gym goer. This is a major barrier we’re breaking down — because active nutrition is for all.

We’re all made of the same matter — and that’s what truly matters.

Delivering Value.

You may be wondering, in such an established market how can tattle actually be different?

Simple! You won’t find any of Tattle’s products in traditional retail stores. Meaning no distributor or retailer price mark ups on our product.

This is how we can afford to swap what’s artificial and filler, for what is natural and fuller, and bring them directly to you without breaking the bank. 💰

Don’t forget about our Certifications.

Tattle is proud to have all of its products display the seal(s) of some of the most recognizable food certifications in the world! These certifications are no joke. They require rigorous review and verification of every ingredient and facility by independent 3rd parties.

The USDA Organic seal certifies that ingredients used in the product are grown without use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, and GMOs.

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Many products claim to be non-GMO, but few have the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. In order to get this certification, it requires full traceability of an ingredient for its entire life, something very few suppliers offer.

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Being Vegan Certified doesn’t just declare that every single ingredient in the product is free from animal by-products. But, it also certifies that no animals were harmed in the R&D testing of the ingredients. #crueltyfree 🐰

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